Encouraging young hearts and minds!


Our mission is to ensure that all kids have the social and emotional tools necessary to achieve their dreams and secure a brighter future.


For ALL KIDZ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the sole purpose of inspiring and encouraging the hearts and minds of children.

Our motivating and engaging performances have been teaching character education to students around the world since 1989. Although the All For KIDZ program has allowed us to encourage over 2 million students each year, we realized that there are large numbers of children that have been unable to benefit from our programs, and that we could be doing more to ensure we reach ALL kids.

Therefore, our purpose at For ALL KIDZ is to bring these programs to schools in low-income communities, where students are just as deserving of encouragement as those in well-funded schools. We want to ensure that kids from ALL socio-economic backgrounds are given the opportunity to learn and benefit from our lovable character NED, whose name stands for Never Give Up, Encourage Others, and Do Your Best.

With your help, we can bring our proven, effective character-building programs to even more kids, in more schools, and together we can build a world where ALL kids are inspired to believe in themselves and are able to reach for a brighter future.

We invite you to join us!


Turtle Creek Elementary
Wisconsin, USA
Rice Elementary
Texas, USA
Mirror Lake Elementary
Florida, USA
2.3 million students
seen per year
school visits annually
98% of teachers
describe their students’ reaction to our programs as “Enthusiastic” and “Positive”
30+ years
of providing awesome programs
for kids around the world
40 million
kids impacted since company inception
schools visited since 1989
Operating in all 50 states
Canada, the UK, Ireland,
Australia & New Zealand
99% of teachers
would be in support of having our programs return to their school again


When you give through For ALL KIDZ we quadruple the value of your investment.

Here is how we do It - for as little as $2,000 raised, an at-risk school community will receive one of our personalized live assembly programs (a $2,000 value), follow up year ‘round education resources kits for every teacher worth $200 each, a $3600 value (18 teachers x $200), and a NED messaged item (yoyo or artisan jewelry - $12 each & an average of 360 students), a $4320 value.

In summary, together, we will provide $9,920 in benefits and services to that school community, ensuring that all kids have the social and emotional tools to believe in themselves and secure a brighter future.


For nearly 30 years, we’ve impacted millions of kids with messages like showing kindness, doing your best, and having an awesome mindset for learning. Our assemblies are so entertaining and fun that kids remember the messages!
Our success and growth over the years has allowed us to create three shows, which provide entertainment and learning for students year after year. We operate in all 50 states and even stream our programs to hundreds of schools globally. Our decades of experience in schools has opened our eyes to an entire demographic of children who were unable to get the same kind of experience as districts who were more financially fortunate. With that need in mind, we created For ALL KIDZ. There are over 23,000 Title 1 schools in the United States, which means nearly 5 million  children each year are on free and reduced lunch. Our organization and staff believe that we can impact each child within those schools with the life-long tools to help them Never Give Up, Encourage Others, Do Their Best, treat others with kindness, and understand their individual impact on the world. Our future is in the hands of our children and we at For ALL KIDZ want those children to possess the tools and drive to perform their purpose and chase their goals.


A Note from the Founder
I have always been captivated by the capabilities of young hearts and minds- like a magician’s hat there is always room for more, as long as we are willing to believe. As adults with schedules and deadlines and big responsibilities we often forget that children have no constraints and view the world with wonder - they are full of limitless imagination and possess the capacity to grow with every new experience. Like a sponge, the more we share and teach the more they soak in, and at For ALL KIDZ we aim to tap into this limitless growth.

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The Original NED Show logo
This 45 minute live performance uses storytelling, humor, magic and yo-yo tricks to engage and interact with students. They go on a fun-filled adventure with our performer and his spiky haired cartoon side-kick, NED, where they learn that there is a secret in NED’s name that can help them become a champion at school and in life; N (Never Give Up), E (Encourage Others) and D (Do Your Best). The assembly unpacks these three principles of persistence, kindness and excellence. Schools appreciate that the message is simple, straightforward and easily remembered.
NED's Mindset Mission logo
This 45-minute live performance uses storytelling, humor, puppetry, magic and yo-yo tricks to engage and interact with students around the principles of Growth Mindset developed by Carol Dweck, Ph.D. Led by clues and memorable characters, NED goes on a fun-filled, globe-trotting adventure to help him find his mindset.  He overcomes Mt. Everest’s toughest obstacles through the help of a snow Yeti who teaches him “He’s just not good at some things, YET!”  On a Caribbean island Captain Kindly helps NED discover that every person is a treasure.  His final stop is on a sputtering spaceship where he learns to grow his brain while making repairs in the engine room.
Kindness Adventure logo
NED is invited to visit Bidii Primary, an elementary school in Nairobi, Kenya. During his trip, NED discovers that his fear of people’s differences melt away as he experiences the kindness of the Kenyan people. NED’s unforgettable journey is highlighted with interactive videos, magical illusions, music, and audience participation. As NED’s adventure unfolds he records in his journal all he learns from the Kenyan children; “Caring is cool”, “I can make friends anywhere” and “Each person matters a lot.” He also discovers the very real need of Kenyans to have access to clean water. This performance simultaneously raises awareness of the global water crisis while teaching kids to be kind-hearted to others both near and far.